sunday school for all ages

2 Timothy 3:16 says, "All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness." At Zion United Methodist Church we place great importance on the study of God's word and how to connect that study with our everyday lives in a truly meaningful way.

Decades ago, there was little need to learn how to apply faith in the surrounding culture, because everyone (at least outwardly) shared the faith. The church set aside a time for individuals to learn more about their tradition’s understanding of the Bible and doctrine. Today, many different values, lifestyles, and beliefs visibly pervade our culture. Christians now face having to integrate their faith in work and social environments that often bear few signs of Christian influence. It used to be that for children, learning about Jesus was at home and in the public schools. Slowly, teaching about Jesus became less common in school and, sadly, at home.

These are just some of the reasons that Zion United Methodist Church places great importance in our Sunday School programs. These programs not only educate us to better understand and interpret God's word, but how to apply this learning to our every day lives. Dialogue and discussion is a key component in all our Sunday School classes as we encourage everyone to share how God is revealing himself to each one of us through his word. 

children's sunday school

Our Children's Ministry is uniquely designed for children newborn through 6th grade. We believe children are a blessing from God and we are passionate about creating an environment that is safe, age-appropriate and fun. Our Children's Ministry is a place where the Bible is taught in a creative and relevant way allowing children to grow in their relationship with Christ. They will learn about God and will find the age-appropriate Bible teaching their young minds are so eager to absorb. They will find mentors, make friends, form good habits, and Have Fun!

Our Children's Ministry is divided by age into three groups: Nursery, Primary and Intermediate.

Join the fun and experience a world where children meet Jesus on their level!


The Nursery is geared toward children ages birth through age 5. During your child's visit, they will be cared for both emotionally and physically by our nursery staff. Staff will change diapers, bottle feed, provide a snack, hold, rock and comfort your baby throughout their stay. In addition, children will participate in free play followed by snack time and a lesson made for toddlers and preschoolers. We often include a simple craft to further illustrate the weekly lesson.


The Primary Class is for children in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. Each weekend, your children are invited to participate in a safe, fun and purposeful time of worship and teaching to learn more about God. We are committed to helping your child grow in every aspect of their relationship with Jesus Christ and knowledge of His Word. Our teachers have a passion for serving in children's ministry and have a deep desire to see children know, love and serve Christ.


The Intermediate Class is for 4th and 5th graders. The lessons in this classroom are aimed at these grade levels. Our teachers are great at initiating thought-provoking conversations and teaching the children to put Christ first in their lives. The teachers of this class are known to provide donuts for the students on Sunday mornings!

ZUMY — Zion United Methodist youth

Zion's youth group is a combination of middle and high school students (6th to 12th grade) who meet at the church Sunday mornings at 10:05 AM in the 2nd floor Senior High Room and also on Sunday evenings from 6-8 PM. During this time, the youth grow in the knowledge of God through Bible study, and enjoy a time of playing games in order to enhance fellowship with one another. Other activities that the youth group is involved in include attending the Creation Festival, mountain and beach retreats, serving the Zion congregation and other various activities and events.

The groups purpose is to help the youth grow in the knowledge and grace of God while at the same time provide a safe place for them to have fun and build relationships with one another.

We are a Jesus-focused, Spirit-filled, and life-giving ministry at Zion, who's focus is to bring to life the Gospel of Christ in the lives of our youth. Our vision is to raise up and empower the next generation to advance God's kingdom, so that our students can take their next steps to a life of significance with Christ.

We are centered around discipleship relationships to foster an environment for our students to thrive on their journey with Jesus. Our ministry approach is based on a caring community and small groups where Godly relationships can develop — a gathering for students to encounter God through worship, teaching and other events, such as mission trips and summer camp.

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Sunday Evenings:

We meet every week in the Senior High Room Sundays at 10:05 AM and Sundays evening from 6-8 PM..

growinG IN grace

The focus of Growing in Grace is a deepening and maturing of our faith. We try to be a source of encouragement to one another in a difficult, complex and ever-changing world and to live out our commitment to Christ in bold ways.

Growing in Grace is for adults of all ages and is led by Keara Dagen in a  small-group, discussion-based environment.


Growing in Grace meets Sunday Mornings at 10:05 in the Parlor.

We are currently involved in a fascinating video/discussion series entitled, "Eternity 101". Find our more by clicking HERE! 


new seekers

The New Seekers consist of various age groups from young adults to seniors. It is a discussion-based program that utilizes video, literature and special speakers to probe into thought-provoking issues. We have fascinating presentations and discussions such as the origin of the universe explained in the book of Genesis versus present scientific interpretations.The New Seekers  "seek to promote thinking".

Join us for engaging explorations into God's word and our world.


The New Seekers meet Sundays at 10:05  in the Fellowship Hall.

Click HERE to find more information about what the NEW SEEKERS are presently studying!


pathfinders bible study

This Sunday School group reaches deeply into the discussion and interpretation of various books of the Bible. It is a very focused and thorough study going verse by verse, chapter by chapter.

The Holy Spirit is truly among us as we discuss and grasp new insights and understandings in the word of God. If you hunger for a better knowledge of the Bible and what message God is trying to convey to us, this is the class for you!

Click here to find out our current topic of study!

Pathfinders is comprised of young adults through seniors.


We meet in the southwest corner of the Fellowship Hall Sundays at 10:05.