contemporary 11:00 Worship Service

11:00 am Worship Service  •  September 24th 2023


 *OPENING SONG                                  “Resurrecting                                   Worship Team
   ANNOUNCEMENTS AND OPENING PRAYER                            Pastor Keith Buckbee 
  *WORSHIP MUSIC                         “The Lord’s Prayer”                               Worship Team
                                                                 “Take My Life”
    APOSTLES’ CREED                                                                           Pastor Keith Buckbee                                                                                     
    THE CHURCH IN PRAYER                                                                Pastor Keith Buckbee                                                                                                       
               The Lord’s Prayer (using debts)                                        
     SCRIPTURE                                      Judges 11:1-11, 29-40                               On Screen
     SERMON                            "By Faith Jephthah Was Unfaithful"          Pastor Rob Dagen
    *CLOSING SONG                            “I Don’t Have Much”                          Worship Team                     
    *BLESSING                                                                                                  Pastor Rob Dagen                                                             

Altar Flowers are presented to the Glory of God in loving memory of Jean’s parents,
Emma Norman and Raymond Kozakewicz by Tom and Jean Ebneter.
Thank you:  Carol Fullmer wants to thank everyone for the cards, phone calls and
prayers. Her Corneal Transplant is on hold at present.         
Thank you for your cards and prayers during my recent hospital stay. 
                                                                                                                   Pat & Walt Northey

  Thank you to everyone who has been praying for my neighbor Jim.  His kidney transplant
   surgery went VERY well.  The kidney began functioning immediately and he left the
   hospital for rehab several days early.  The doctors were amazed at his progress.
                                                                                                                                        ~ Chuck Meek
New Members Class:
If you are interested in joining Zion, we will be holding a New Members Class on 
Sunday October 8th at 12:30pm.  The class is about 2 hours in length.  A sign- up sheet 
is on the bulletin board at the back entrance of the church. Any questions, please 
contact Pastor Keith at