men's group

Live life on purpose and impact the world!

No one can get up one day and declare, "I'm going to run a marathon, play for the NFL or win the Tour de France". It takes years of training to become a world-class athlete. Running the miles, lifting the weights, riding the course. Those in the lead discipline their bodies to they are ready when called on to push towards the goals. Guys, it's the same in the spiritual realm. If you want to be a champion om heaven, you've got to start training today.

When the Game Starts, Will You Be Ready With Enough Spiritual Muscle To Carry Your Team?

You need to build up some spiritual muscle so that when the race comes ; when the game starts, or the competition begins — you're ready. Each day you have opportunities to leave your mark, make a difference, make an impact — but when will you? Are you ready when called on to provide godly counsel? Are you ready to stand up and be a leader for the Kingdom? You've got to spend the time training. This is the study that will introduce you to the ways God uses to grow up a man spiritually. You'll even develop your own personal workout plan. Ready to be God's champion? What are you waiting for? Start building some real muscle — the eternal kind — today!

Please come join the MEN’S GROUP: Starting again Saturday January 9, 2021 from 7:30AM - 9:00AM.