pathfinders bible study

This Sunday School group reaches deeply into the discussion and interpretation of various books of the Bible. It is a very focused and thorough study going verse by verse, chapter by chapter.

The Holy Spirit is truly among us as we discuss and grasp new insights and understandings in the word of God. If you hunger for a better knowledge of the Bible and what message God is trying to convey to us, this is the class for you!

Currently we are studying the Apostles' Creed. It is a 6-week study that began July 7th and is led by Ray Heberling. Scroll below to find our more!

Beginning September 22nd we will begin a major study on the "Coming End Times". Scroll below to find our more!

Pathfinders is comprised of young adults through seniors.


We meet in the southwest corner of the Fellowship Hall Sundays at 10:05.


The apostles' creed

We are presently in an in-depth study of our basic Christian beliefs found in the Apostles' Creed. 

Learn "What we say and What we mean" when we profess our faith through this Creed.

We meet at 10:05 in the Fellowship Hall each Sunday morning. The study is open to all adults who wish to know more about their faith as followers of Jesus Christ. The study is led by Ray Heberling runs for six weeks.

coming end times

We are living in strange times — catastrophic natural events, rapidly changing moral standards, increasing world tensions and terrorism. What is all this pointing toward? Join us as we make a major study of the COMING END TIMES. Learn what Scripture has in store for us as believers in Jesus Christ —  and for those who have yet to make the decision to follow Him. Our study begins September 22nd in the Fellowship Hall at 10:05. Questions? Call John Huber 717-866-6152.