traditional 9:00 worship service

9:00 am Worship Service  •  May 28th 2023

PRELUDE                                                "Pentecost"                                      Everett Titcomb


OPENING ANNOUNCEMENTS & PRAYER                                        Pastor Keith Buckbee



 Pastor: When the day of Pentecost had come, they were all gathered together in one place.

People: And suddenly a sound came from heaven like the rush of a mighty wind, and it filled the house where they were sitting.

Pastor: And there appeared to them tongues as of fire, distributed and resting on each of them.

People: And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit.


 HYMN                                           “Spirit of the Living God”                                         #389                                      


APOSTLES’ CREED                                                                               Pastor Keith Buckbee               

HYMN                                                        DOXOLOGY                                                    #815




SPECIAL MUSIC                                “Come, Holy Spirit”                                Senior Choir                    


MORNING PRAYER                                                                                    Pastor Rob Dagen 

            The Church in Prayer

             The Lord’s Prayer (using debts)                    


SCRIPTURE                                           Hebrews 11:11-12                                Margo Moyer


SERMON                                           "The Faith of Sarah"                 Pastor Keith Buckbee

HYMN                                     “Little Is Much if God Is in It”                                       #661    


BENEDICTION                                                                                     Pastor Keith Buckbee                                                                    


POSTLUDE                                     "The Awakening Call"                            David Paxton      



The Altar Flowers are presented to the Glory of God in loving in loving memory of

Sgt. Brett Swank by Debbie & George Carles.


Spring cleaning your kid's closets? The outreach team would be happy to receive 
donations of gently used kid's clothing for our clothing drive in August. We will

accept them all year and store them in our storage area. Please contact Jackie or 

Jerry Gostomski with any questions. 717.269.2971 or


Kids Cubs will be holding a tie-dye event on June 11th following the 11 o-clock service. 

Please bring a white article of clothing to tie-dye and a snack to share, sandwich items will

be provided.             Please contact Alex Rautzhan to let her know if you plan to attend 

at 717-968-0556, so she can know how much food to bring.      


All tickets for Moses at Sight and Sound are sold! If you have not paid for your ticket,

Please pay $84.55 to Deb Wolfe by June 4th. Also please let Deb know if you plan on

dining at Do-Goods at 3:30 prior to the show.  If you need a ride to Sight & Sound, 

please call Deb at 717-269-7360.


I would like to say Thank You to all of you for helping with the Billboard Ministry.

                                                                                      God Bless You, Janie Tignanelli


Sue Kerschner has a new phone number 717.383.9399



 Thank you for the cards, prayers, and well-wishes during my surgery and recovery.

 Thank God for good neighbors and my church family.  Sheila Swanger


Prayer Concerns: Cindy Wise (in ER with heart issues) Annette Miller (in ICU)     

    Vivian Mayapoulos (recovering from surgery), Georgene Nee (in the hospital, heart

    cath); Joe Blumenstine (in hospital), Mary Leh (health issues) Sheila Swanger 

    (recovering from back surgery), Sherrie Bernard, recovering from surgery, Jane

    Reichard (stroke, in rehab) Joanne Miller (cellulitis), Luther Moyer (lung cancer)

    and Joanne Miller, cellulitis. 


      This week at Zion:

        Monday – Church office is closed.  

        Wednesday – Prayer Meeting @ 6:30

        Thursday – Grief Share, 2-4pm, 

        Saturday – Concert Band, 9:00am         


        Secret Sister Update:  If you were unable to attend the Women of Faith Brunch and 

           would like to participate in the Secret Sister event, all you have to do is:

         *pick up an All About Me form on the Secret Sister table in the lobby

         *fill out the form

         *place the completed form in the box on the Secret Sister table on or before   

           Sunday, May 28th

           Sometime in the beginning of June you will receive the name of your Secret Sister. If 

           you have any questions, please feel free to contact Beth Mellon at 610-812-1372 or

           Marae Clauser at 717-228-8967


           United Women in Faith will be having their annual picnic Tuesday, June 6 at 

6:00pm.  Bring a covered dish to share.  It will at the home of Sandy Sandoe.  

Any questions call Sandy at 717 866 2639.


     Save the date:  VBS: June 18-22 

In need of 2-3 crew leaders, registration personnel, and a leader for the adult class. 

Preparation for the adult class is minimal.  If interested, please contact Kaloni 

Doll at or at 717-269-7295.  Thank you.


Reading Fightin Phils Baseball Game and Deck Party:  Tickets are available for the

game and deck party on Saturday, July 15, 2023.  The deck party is available from

5:45 PM until 8:15 PM.  Game begins at 6:45 PM.  Fireworks after the game.  Tickets will

be available to our church family initially.  Any remaining tickets will be available for

purchase by friends of our church family.  The cost is $16 per person.