Pastor's message for february

From the Pastor’s Study

“All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer, together with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and his brothers and sisters,” (Acts 1:14). These early disciples of Jesus Christ were living in uncertain times. They had witnessed the death, resurrection and ascension of the Lord into heaven. They must have felt alone as Jesus was no longer in their midst to lead them and comfort them. How did they respond? They gathered in unity and devoted themselves to prayer. What an important lesson for us to learn today. We live in scary and uncertain times; there is no doubt about that. But we have a God who is in control! And our God welcomes us to bring all our cares and concerns to him. The early disciples prayed and within ten days the Holy Spirit poured out upon them, blessing them with power from on high. The church was birthed, and God was moving powerfully. As we make prayer a focus at Zion, I look forward to seeing what amazing things God will do among us. 

We had a great week of prayer in January. As we met each night, we prayed with tears of joy, sadness, and repentance. We prayed for our church, our nation, our community and for many people to come to faith in Christ. I witnessed a church, much like the original disciples in Acts 1:14, who came together in unity and cried out to God as they devoted themselves to prayer. I’ve heard it said that “Preaching affects men, prayer affects God.” How true! I know that the Lord heard our prayers and is answering them.

Please continue to be in prayer. We meet every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm to pray as a congregation. You are welcome to join any time and pray with us. I also invite you to pray each day. Pray that we continue to focus on Christ’s mission to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” Pray that we can continue to grow in love as a congregation and that we are effective in sharing that love with the people of our community. Pray that God is at work helping many people to come to faith in Christ. We need God’s help in all ways, so let’s follow the model that the first disciples show us: being in one accord and devoting ourselves to prayer.


May the Lord continue to bless you richly!

Pastor Keith