Special Worship Services in October


October 4  — World-Wide Communion – We will observe communion at all three worship services.



October 13 & 14 — On-Line Annual Conference


This This year's Annual Conference is on the internet.  If you are able to attend online, please use the link below to register.  You can submit receipts to Judy for reimbursement.  

Thanks and God bless, Pastor Keith


The 2020 Annual Conference on October 13-14 will be a Zoom videoconference webinar with electronic voting and a reduced agenda.

Register for the 2020 Annual Conference here: https://na.eventscloud.com/epaumc2020


October 18

Laity Sunday: The ministry of the laity is the work of mission or ministry to which each believer is called. As Christians we are all called to this ministry or priesthood – not just clergy. Each of us has a responsibility to proclaim the Good News and reach out to others in love. The youth will lead us in this worship service. New Members will be installed


October 25

Consecration Sunday: During worship we will dedicate our service and financial gifts for 2021 to God for the sacred purpose of fulfilling the mission and ministry of the church. Please pick-up your Estimate of Card on the table in the lobby. If you cannot attend worship on Consecration Sunday, please return your estimate of giving card to the church office by October 25th so that your financial support can be dedicated with the others during Sunday worship.


October is Pastor Appreciation Month!



“Come DIVE into the Book of Jonah with Pastor Keith!”

Beginning Tuesday October 6th and during every Tuesday in October, we will be studying the Book of Jonah!

October 6 – Jonah 1 - Jonah Flees the Presence of the Lord

October 13 – Jonah 2- Jonah’s Prayer

October 20 – Jonah 3 -Jonah Goes to Nineveh

October 27 – Jonah 4- Jonah’s Anger and the Lord’s Compassion


Join us every Tuesday in October from 10:00-11:00 AM! We will meet in the Fellowship Hall. Please read the chapter of Jonah prior to our session. We ask that you follow the CDC recommendations for wearing of masks and social distancing.



Saturday, October 10th & 24th, at 7:30am. in Fellowship Hall, we will continue our Bible Study.  All men are welcome.


Fall is here with pumpkins, falling leaves, cooler temperature, and U.M.W.  Yes, we are meeting again and welcome ALL WOMEN to our meetings.

Our next meeting is Wednesday, October 7th at 2pm. Besides our business meeting, a time of devotions, and fellowship together – we will be assembling fall gift bags for our shut-ins.  Many hands will make the work go faster.  JOIN US LADIES!

We are making plans for our November meeting and for our annual Thank Offering Sunday with a special speaker.

Also later this month our fund-raiser – the apple dumpling sale.  See article for details.

Enjoy the fall time of the year and come to our fall meetings.    

Louise Gettle, President, Zion United Methodist Women


Just sit back for a short minute and think about falling leaves, cooler weather – and a nice warm apple dumpling.  You can eat it with Ice Cream or milk or some sharp cheese (never heard of that; it is good). Our United Methodist Women is having their annual Apple Dumpling sale on Thursday, October 29th. Pick-up times will be 12-1pm and 4-6pm.  We will deliver if you feel more comfortable not coming into the Fellowship Hall for pick-up, please mention to Sandy or Judy when you order!

There are regular apple dumplings and sugar-free dumplings. Each are $5.00. Order your dumplings by talking directly to Sandy Sandoe, calling the church office at 717-866-6839 or sending an email to zionumc22@gmail.com.  You can also put an envelope in the offering plate label it on the outside “Apple Dumpling sales” and enclose your order (number of dumplings, type and your name and phone number).  To pay for your dumplings, put your money in an envelope labeled “Apple Dumplings” and either give to Sandy Sandoe or drop in the offering plate (if writing a check, please make payable to "UMW").

We thank all of you for your support with this fund raiser – and other activities. 

P.S The dumplings freeze well and tastes wonderful whenever you are in the mood for a warm dumpling.  ~ Sandy Sandoe


Thursday, October 29 – Apple Dumpling pick-up from 12-1 or 4-6



PRAYER MEETING - Every Wednesday evening at 6:30pm


WEDNESDAY’S WORD - See our website, You-tube channel or Facebook page for the latest study, on the epistle of John.


The Aging of Aquarius

Your career has wound down, the kids have moved, and your schedule is clear…for the next thirty years.

In your youth, you cared about people and planet Earth.  You had grand visions of changing the world. At some point, those passions and that sense of purpose got buried under diapers and 9-5.  Yet that old you are still alive, and you now have this next stage of your life the most powerful yet.  But where to start?

Helen Wilkes, a retired professor, and activist takes readers on an inspiring journey to find renewed purpose in retirement.  Along the way, she helps readers navigate the transition to a post-work identity by fanning the embers of lost passions and new interests.

Whether you drawn to gardening clubs, to social justice issues, political campaigning, ethical investing, or creativity through the arts, this book offers inspiration, practical steps, and extra resources to help re-ignite your passion, your sense of purpose, and to effect real change in the world as an empowered elder.


TRUSTEES:  After completing several big projects (the boiler system, carpet installation, and power washing the building) the Trustees are continuing to care for a "to do" list of routine maintenance.  Tom Stanley, Will Rautzhan, and Carl Kimmel have been busy upgrading the church's WIFI and internet capabilities.  Outdated electronic components will be removed from the church within the next weeks.  Smart TVs are now in use throughout the building.  Long range plans for Zion Church include the resurfacing and re-lining of the parking lots and the installation of a power hair lift to make our second-floor classrooms accessible to everyone.

Samaritan’s Purse/Operation Christmas ChildIt is that time of year again to start collecting for Samaritan’s purse.  Brochures are available on the table in the lobby.

The collection week is November 15-22.                                                                                                                                                                                ~ Michelle Umble