MARCH 31, 2019

GATHERING SONG — "Because He Lives" — Worship Team


Pastor: God has many children. Some of us are out in sin and he is anxiously waiting for us to return.

People: Others of us have stayed by him but are unable to appreciate his love for our brothers and sisters who choose to leave.

Pastor: God's love is the same for each of us, and we all need his forgiveness.

People: May we discover God's forgiveness, and choose to be in his presence.

*WORSHIP SONG — "10,000 Reasons" — Worship Team

Welcome One Another In Christ



Sharing Our Praises & Prayers

The Church in Prayer

The Lord's Prayer (using debts)

SPECIAL MUSIC — "Were You There?" by Scott Krippayne — Youth Stick Drama


Presentation of God's Tithe (Guests, please consider the welcome card your offering)

* The Doxology

* Prayer of Dedication

*HYMN — "Jesus Is Calling" — #482

SPECIAL MUSIC — "Christ Alone" — Praise Singers

SCRIPTURE — Luke 15:1-3, 11-32

MESSAGE — "A Man Who Had Two Sons" — Pastor Randy

*HYMN — "Lord, I'm Coming Home" — #490

You may come forward to the altar rail for prayer during the last hymn

*BENEDICTION — Pastor Randy

*POSTLUDE — "There's A Wideness in God's Mercy" — arr. by James Pethel


Guest Information

Information hosts are available to assist you with the following information:

  • Childcare is available for ages 7 and under during 9:00 & 11:00 services in the nursery room located on the second floor.
  • Children's activity bags for ages 3 and up are available at Zion's Zebra located in the lobby.
  • Hearing assistance devices and large print bulletins are available for your convenience.
  • Restrooms are located in the lobby and in the hallway near the rear entrance of the church.
  • Diaper changing stations are located in the hallway restroom near the rear entrance of church and in the women's restroom in the lobby.

Guests: First time guests please use the connection card found in the pew rack to let us know that you worshipped with us today and turn it in to the Information Desk after worship for your gift. We are happy you visited Zion Church and we pray you will return!

Serving Today: 

Ushers: John Nesbitt, Melissa Erdman, John Balderrama, Judy Trout

Welcome Hosts: 

Front Door: Marae Clauser

Office Door: Christine Hopple

Back Door: Al Clauser

Information Host: Aiden Balderrama

Audio: Mark Doll

Visuals: Susie Smith

Stick Drama Team: Ethan Balderrama, Emma Kimmel, Aubrey Doll, Deacon Shearer, Wesley Doll, Myla Huie, Kyle McDonnell, Izzy Kimmel, Kyle McDonnell and Aiden Balderrama.

We are performing today's stick drama in remembrance of Caleb Tempus. Caleb was in our very first stick drama and many children's Christmas programs down through the years. We will always treasure the memory of his sweet smile and personality, and his willingness always to serve his church and his Lord. Please keep the youth of Zion in your prayers as each of them try to come to terms, each in their own way, with the loss of a dear friend.