SPRING is almost here.  Are you happy about that or are you wanting more winter and snow?  It’s good to enjoy whatever Mother Nature sends our way as it isn’t much, we can do to change the weather.

One thing you can do at this time of the year is to come to our meeting on Wednesday, March 4th, at 2P.M.  Janet Taylor will share part of the study on Mark that she attended last Summer at U. Missions.  ALL WOMEN are invited.  Come and spend time with other women from Zion.

The new books from 2020 UMW Reading List are on the shelf in the church library.  Check them out and read one or more. Our unit gets credit on the shelf.

Louise Gettle, President


Our purpose is —

United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

Our focus is —

on women, children and youth.

Our local is —

small but mighty. We support local, national and worldwide missions through our offerings, fund raising projects and a district pledge.

Some of our local missions include:

You can read more about all the work of the UMW in the Response Magazine found in the right side of the church library. Also, check out all the UMW books in the same section.

We also have a reading program. For more information talk to Joy Nesbitt, our librarian.

2019 Officers are:

Louise Gettle, President

Sandy Sandoe, Vice President

Christine Hopple, Secretary

Carol Fullmer, Treasurer

For more information on United Methodist Women, check out the following links:

United Methodist Women

Facebook United Methodist Women

Pinterest United Methodist Women

2020 scheduled programs

Below is a list of the currently scheduled programs for Zion United Methodist Women in 2020. We will be adding to this list as more events are scheduled throughout the year. Please also check the events section of this website.

  • wednesday february 5th

    The meeting will be our Prayer and Self- Denial program.  Since this is a year of prayer at Zion, there will be a look at the need for prayer in areas like our church, children women, our nation, etc. ALL WOMEN (and interested men) are invited. Come and share time with other women

  • Saturday april 4th

    Women's Prayer Breakfast.