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A Look at Life from the Riverbank

Steve Chapman

One of my favorite parts of the fishing routine is casting. There is something in my psyche that allows me to feel very satisfied when I see my bait splash a mere inch or two from where I wanted it to fall. To know my eye/hand coordination is working well is most rewarding. If all I got done at the lake was a good day of accurate casting, I could go home with no reason to complain. Hooking a fish, of course, takes the joy to the next level, but I refuse to complain if it doesn’t happen.


Engaging is the challenging activity of trying to toss bait at a certain spot reminds me of biblical casting—casting our anxiety on Jesus and casting our burden on the Lord (see Psalm 55:22; 1 Peter 5:7). 

How privileged we are as God’s people to be able to share our worries with our loving, heavenly Father. 

I shudder to think of what despair we would experience if He were not willing to receive them.


There is one major difference between casting as a fisherman and doing it as a burdened child of God. 

When we cast our fishing lure, it is still tethered to us by the line. That means we fully intend to retrieve it. In essence, we never plan to let go of it. Even if we find a snag, we are reluctant to give up trying to free the lure.


In 1 Peter 5:7, however, the word “casting” implies a simple action as opposed to a continuous action: “casting all your anxiety on Him.” It’s a one-time thing. This is where the difference lies. Our burdens must be cast completely away. Throwing our cares in God’s direction must be done with no plans to pull them back.


What is the reward for sending our concerns to the Lord? We can rest assured that we get something incredible in return. It is revealed in the second part of Psalm 55:22: “and He will sustain you.” What greater catch could anyone expect?


The next time you are standing on a bank or sitting in a boat fishing, let the motion of casting remind you of the grand opportunity afforded God’s people. Then throw your cares on the Lord!

Jesus, thank You that I can cast my cares on You.

There is no one else in this universe who loves me that much. Amen.