grace marquette scholarship

The senior choir of Zion will be awarding a scholarship in honor of Grace Marquette to a deserving senior at ELCO who will be majoring in music in college.  We are now ready to get this underway.  In order to increase the amount we will be able to award, we will be selling cards from Giant that are called Cash For Causes.  Cards can be bought in various amounts from $5.00 up to $100 with the choir making 5% on each card. For example, if you shop often at Giant, and you get a $100.00 card, the choir will make $5.00. Someone will be at a table in the narthex on first Sunday of every month or you may contact a member of the choir to purchase more cards.  It would help if you could get the word out to any family and friends that you know shop at Giant.   If you shop every week at Giant then we would be sure to have them available every Sunday.  This will be an ongoing fundraiser and not just once and done because the scholarship will go on for as many years as we can support it.  Many churches have been very successful with this. 

If you don't shop at Giant and still would like to contribute, we will have envelopes in the pews every Sunday in March.  We feel this scholarship is an awesome way to honor Grace and to reach out to the community to make them more aware that Zion exists and is involved in the community. We hope to have the first scholarship to amount to at least $1500. 

If you have questions please contact Barb Kriston at 717-866-7053 or email