battling unbelief

We have different sins we must fight daily. Whether the entitlement of pride, the harassment of shame, the irk of impatience, the itch of covetousness the poison of bitterness, the valley of despondency, the allure of lust, the worry of anxiety — all these have their root in unbelief. This means that all of these are to be fought with faith.

Growing in Grace Sunday School class is beginning a  new 12-part series entitled, "Battling Unbelief" by John Piper. John walks through each of these sins, showing us how to take up specific promises from God's word to sever the root of unbelief in our lives. It is a video and discussion series led by Keara Dagen. If you have ever considered joining a Sunday School class, now is the perfect time! Growing in Grace is open to adults of ALL ages. Please join us for this fascinating series.