Zion United Methodist Church

Mission, Values, Strategy, and Vision

Zion United Methodist Church



The mission of Zion United Methodist Church is to make, mature, and mobilize disciples for Jesus Christ. We are a community of people committed to Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, united in love of God, and called to make that love real to others.

                                                               Core Values                                                                   

Christ-Centered: Focused on the life, words, way, and Spirit of Jesus proclaimed in the New Testament.

Biblically-rooted: Encourages spiritually alive, faithful study of the Bible using tools of devotion and scholarship that are appropriate to a diverse body of people.

Warm-hearted: A joyful, loving congregation that experiences the grace of God in Jesus Christ in personal and positive ways.

Open-minded: A place where people search, think, question, and honestly express their growing experience of the faith in an accepting and affirming atmosphere.

Mission-directed: Continuing the strong sense of mission which has been part of our identity both in terms of mission to the community and mission in the world.

Connection-committed: As part of The United Methodist Church, we see ourselves as a supporter of the global ministries in which we share.

These values define who we are and how we participate in community together.


The Zion United Methodist Church faith community is a congregation of people who:

Invite people to experience the love of God and become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Equip disciples to be agents of God's reconciling love in the world.

Care for one another in Christian community.

Send disciples as servants of Christ to participate in God's transformation of the world.

These strategies are the ways that we move toward our vision and accomplish our mission.


As Zion United Methodist Church make, matures, and mobilizes disciples for Jesus Christ, models its

core values and strategy, the Holy Spirit will fulfill our vision of transforming lives, creating Christian

community, and making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


  We hope you have found this information helpful. We would love to have you as part of our church family.